Coral Morphologic
Design Curio exhibition at Design Miami/ 2014

Image Credit: James Harris

Coral Morphologic

Coral Morphologic is a Miami-based art-science endeavor founded by marine biologist Colin Foord and composer Jared McKay in 2007. Together they present coral reef organisms as both archetypal and alien life-forms via photography, site-specific installations, and multi-media artworks.

Technological advances in the new millennium have enabled Coral Morphologic to explore a new frontier in the aesthetic interpretation of nature. In doing so, they have discovered corals to be the living embodiment of science and art converged. The combination of vibrant colors, fluid movement, geometric tessellation, and limestone architecture establish corals as the irrefutable icons of 21st century Miami.

For Design Miami/, Coral Morphologic has specifically created ‘Coral Therapy’, a 360-degree view of the natural reef experienced through the Oculus Rift. Participants will don the virtual reality headset and be immersed beneath turquoise waters, surrounded by gently swaying corals and schools of tropical fish. The user can fully explore the aquascape simply by rotating the chair or turning one’s head. Relaxing ambient sounds lull the user into a sublime state of being, as the sun glitters down from above, and the gloriousness of ocean life is serenely contemplated.

It is the remarkable ability of corals to adapt and evolve that inspires Coral Morphologic to establish them as the paradigm-shifting organisms of the global future. By elevating corals into the iconography of modern design and popular culture, Coral Morphologic entreats mankind to better understand and preserve Earth’s imperiled reef ecosystems through works that convey color and depth to the human experience.