Biomega presents the Design Miami 10th anniversary limited edition bike/

To help you get through Miami Beach traffic, Biomega is providing Design Miami/ visitors with complimentary bikes on loan for use between Design Miami/ and participating hotels.

Bikes can be borrowed from the Biomega desk at Design Miami/ throughout the day. You can then leave them at designated drop-off stands at hotels around Miami Beach.

Biomega’s limited edition (1 to 100) bikes are also available for purchase. You can reserve yours at Your bike will be delivered to your hotel upon arrival in Miami and then shipped to your home address when you leave (without additional shipping charges in the U.S. and Europe.)

These limited edition bikes reinvigorate Biomega’s status as a pioneer in chainless bikes — this time with a smooth, quiet carbon fiber belt drive. The Biomega is designed by the three creative forces of Danish design group KiBiSi, with the ambition of creating an honest means of transport.